The Irreverent Economist

A Holiday Parable

I’ve never been good at poker

But always understood that the winning strategy

Is to play the hand you’re dealt

Mine was scary (whose isn’t?)

And I felt responsible for it...

But I eventually recognized the advantages

Of a bad hand

One learns from one’s mistakes:

The bigger the mistake, the more I could learn!

And learning is everything

(this was long before computers)

Since there are always more hands

The challenge is to see the long game

And to figure out how it’s played

I’m an optimist in this way

Ryan Holliday reminds that The Obstacle is the Way

Lincoln embraced suffering for what it taught

But was no fool, nor suffered them for long

One thinks of what can go wrong

I parallel-processed Plan B (and A)

Because I like a challenge

And wanted to have fun along the way

Make sure the people you love know it

Because life is short

Some I adored were gone before their time

And before they—or I—knew just how much

I became an optimist anyway

Because love knows no bounds

It finds us when and where we least expect

Because we are good

So why not be fearless?

We are all going away, one day

And have only one turn on this merry-go-round

So count your blessings and share them around

*  *  *

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