Our Firm

Paladin Advisors is an independent, registered investment adviser based in Kensington, New Hampshire. The company assists individual and institutional clients in designing and implementing global investment programs. We offer investment strategy development, investment management, research services, and consulting on special projects. We also offer a full array of financial, estate & tax-planning services.

Our services are available to other investment firms on a sub-advisory basis. Advisory fees represent our only compensation.  We put our clients’ interests first, always.

Paladin Advisors is owned by its employees.  Our corporate culture promotes excellence, accountability, transparency, humility, and prudence.  We take a team approach to supporting clients and solving problems.

The Paladins

Our Mission

We lend our unwavering support to clients through careful investment management and comprehensive financial advice. Transparency, consultation, and accountability are the hallmarks of our practice.

Our goal is nothing less than our clients’ complete peace of mind.

What your peace of mind means to us:

Your financial future will be secured, regardless of market gyrations

You will get good answers to your questions:
straight, simple and well-informed

We go above & beyond, and always have your back

What accountability means to us:

  • We uphold the fiduciary standard in caring for your assets
  • We take responsibility for your financial results
  • We minimize the cost (taxes & fees) of our investment decisions
  • We manage all paperwork & administrative tasks on your behalf
  • We proactively recognize errors & resolve them in clients’ favor
  • We’ve had zero incidents of financial fraud or technical snafus

What consultation & continuity mean to us:

  • Minimum two-person advisory team for each client/family
  • Immediate access to team & investment decision makers
  • Longstanding inter-generational client relationships
  • Growth through referrals, not marketing
  • Internal succession plan ensures continuity for clients

What transparency means to us:

  • Informative and interpretive portfolio reports
  • Clarity in oral and written communications
  • Investment strategy explained in quarterly letters to clients
  • Detailed accounting of all fees and expenses
  • Advisory fees represent our only compensation