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Paladin’s Valor Added Campaign – Part II

Our clients rose to the challenge, donating close to $350,000 to friends, family, neighbors, schools, parks, restaurant workers, meals on wheels, health care heroes, artists, vaccine developers, those who serve the elderly and disabled, small businesses in their communities, food banks, and non-profits that are running short of funds…among so many others who have been adversely impacted by the coronavirus.  There are too many examples to name, but it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that we acted locally, we acted globally, we acted for each other, and with each other.  We went above and beyond.  We  did it.

Even though these donations were “authorized” by Paladin, they came from our clients' portfolios.  These were their decisions, which required thought and planning, communication and careful deliberation.  We could never have done this but together.  Our clients' gifts are a gift to Paladin, and to me personally.  They have validated my faith in our ability to respond as a community, to build real wealth through the connections we have to one another.

One of our clients spearheaded a mask-making campaign for Tufts Medical Center

The coronavirus poses grave and immediate challenges to our society.  It also represents a unique opportunity for us to learn and grow, and to become better for it.  As Maya Angelou said:  Do the best you can until you know better. Then do better.

We will do better.  We will be better prepared for the public health and other social challenges that lie ahead.  We will be better informed about how policy decisions are made, and their consequences for our daily lives.  We will make better use of options for remote work, cool new communication tools and home exercise equipment.😊 We will gain a better understanding of our personal finances, and the importance of setting aside funds for a rainy day.  We will have a better grasp of the economic and emotional struggles of those whose professional or personal lives are not as rewarding as ours.  We will have a better understanding of the risks others take in protecting us—especially first-responders and front-line caregivers whose work often goes unacknowledged.  We will do a better job of thanking each other, expressing our love for one another, and relishing the pleasure of each other’s company.

Above all, we will realize anew how lucky we are to be alive, healthy, and ready for the arrival of spring.

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