Our Services

At Paladin Advisors, our attitude toward client service is summed up in one question:  How High?  We offer a wide range of services described below, as well as a variety of unadvertised services, such as:  helping build financial literacy, lending emotional and logistical support during difficult family transitions, assistance with financial and other research, succession planning, restaurant and travel suggestions—you name it.

We’re here for you!

Financial & Estate Planning

  • Personal financial & retirement plans
  • Estate & family giving strategies
  • Charitable giving strategies

Tax Planning

  • Tax-aware asset allocation & manager selection
  • Annual capital gains & income estimates
  • Proactive capital gain & tax loss harvesting
  • Pre vs. post-tax performance reporting

Investment Management

  • Portfolio Audits
  • Assessment of investment risk tolerance
  • Development of Investment Policy Statement
  • Strategic & dynamic asset allocation
  • Selection of investment vehicles & trade execution
  • Quarterly Market Outlook & Strategy reports
  • Quarterly performance reporting & analysis
  • Monitoring & evaluation of other assets
  • Comprehensive annual review

Educational Planning

  • Planning educational savings strategies
  • Selection of & allocations to 529 plans
  • Managing investment mix of educational assets

Cash Management

  • Periodic & recurring transfers between accounts
  • Third-party distributions & payments
  • Required minimum distributions from IRAs
  • Management of cash and cash-equivalent portfolios


  • Mortgage refinancing decisions
  • Insurance analysis & recommendations
  • Health insurance, long-term care insurance & related medical spending decisions