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Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)

Modern monetary theory (aka MMT) is a hot topic in political and policy circles.  The basic idea is that budget deficits needn't be financed with debt issuance (or tax collections, for that matter).Â... Read More

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The Sine Qua Non of Sustainability

In our latest quarterly letter, Paladin Advisors takes a look at the origins and implications of the rapid growth in Sustainable Investing (SI). These strategies incorporate non-financial criteria –... Read More

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A Holiday Parable

I’ve never been good at poker But always understood that the winning strategy Is to play the hand you’re dealt Mine was scary (whose isn’t?) And I felt responsible for it... But I eventuall... Read More

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The Siren Song of Wall Street

Do yourself a favor and turn off CNBC. For as long as I’ve been in the financial industry, pundits have made an opulent living by telling tales about markets.  Flowery narratives which weave tog... Read More

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For It is In Giving That We Receive

Many of our clients have accumulated significant assets over a lifetime of hard work and good fortune.  More assets than they will need to see them through a secure retirement—even on our conservat... Read More

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What We Are Reading

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single book. Here you can find a sampling of the many sources on which we rely to learn about our ever-changing world. Our scope is broad and our interests ... Read More

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Bitcoin Bonanza!

Already during its short life in the public imagination, reams have been written about Bitcoin—what it is, how it works and, most breathlessly, how rich you can get by trading it.  This has all of ... Read More

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Perspectives on Tax Reform

This week, Republicans in the US House and Senate are working on parallel versions of a tax bill that they hope to pass before year-end.  Two distinct proposals have emerged from their respective com... Read More

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Great Moderation?

The placid state of global financial markets—with measures of equity volatility near all-time lows—belies undercurrents of growing inequality, rising social unrest, and heightened political instab... Read More

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On Being a Fiduciary

At long last, the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule will take effect this Friday, June 9th.  The rule requires that investment advisors put their clients’ interests ahead of their own in rende... Read More

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